How We Work

Let’s Start With Who We Are

Our parent company has over 30 years of collective experience nurturing leads in a number of verticals including solar installation, roofing, residential painting, and many others. We Sell Moves is part of the Leed Seed family which aims to become the preferred sales partner of every top moving company in the nation. How do we expect to accomplish this? By duplicating the success we have already experienced – for the moving industry. With 5 years success in working with Moving leads, we are confident that most Moving companies will find it a no-brainer to work with us as more affordable and efficient option than handling the sales process in-house. Our sales process is proven, and since we’re so heavily commission-based, your success is quite literally our success.

When you talk to us for the first time, we’ll ask a number of questions to help determine your needs. Different Moving companies have different needs, including if we work out of your CRM/systems or ours. We’ve found that in most cases our Moving partners are best served by providing the following services: Appointments, Virtual Surveys, Sales/Bookings, and inbound call support. Each are better explained below. Should you have unique needs – we’d love for you to contact us. We’re excited for a challenge and will customize a solution if/when it makes sense for both organizations.

Virtual Surveys

A full video recording is provided to our Moving partners on every virtual survey that we execute. We work to understand the scope of the customer’s move and record an accurate inventory with detailed notes on a recorded video call, with the goals of being as accurate as possible and with enough information that our Moving partner has everything they need to complete a success move. For pricing, please look here.


In most cases we have found that we are able to nurture and sell leads for Moving companies better than they can, allowing them to focus on the move while we focus on the sale. In some cases however, setting appointments (vs having us sell the move) makes more sense. For these cases you can find our pricing for appointments here.


Then when our team is calling your prospects, we will outline the number of movers and trucks as well as any special equipment needed to complete the job. Our moving consultants will then go over pricing in detail and ask for the customer’s business. Acting as a true sales partner, your success is our success, and we are paid for each move. Pricing details can be found here. Since we are paid when we close each sale, we make sure that we are using industry-best-practices to maximize contact rates and conversion rates of the leads that are coming in to your company. For more information on our best practices, feel free to ask for more information here.

Inbound Calls

Due to high demand, we also provide inbound call support. We understand that it might be difficult to stop what you’re doing every time a call comes in. That’s why we allow you to focus on the business earned while we focus on the business to be earned. We’ve found this leads to happier customers, which leads to more customers, which all means happier Moving partners for us. Let us field your calls while you’re in the field so you can call back who you need to, when you need to.

For inbound call support or any other related service, please contact us here.